Voluntary Benefits/Worksite Products

The key to cultivating a strong workforce, is investing in it.

Employers can choose from a variety of solutions to offer your employees and their families financial security.

Group Products:

  • Group Short Term Disability - Temporary, partial income replacement when employees are unable to work because of illness, injury or pregnancy.
  • Group Long Term Disability - Continued income protection while facilitating return to work outcomes whenever possible for employees who are fully or partially unable to work for a longer period of time due to illness or injury.
  • Group Term Life Insurance - Valuable life insurance protection with accidental death and dismemberment coverage also included. Dependent coverage also available.

Individual Products:

Voluntary Employee’s Whole Life Insurance - Permanent, voluntary life insurance protection that stays with employees even if they change jobs or retire. No medical exams are required, and coverage is also available for spouses, domestic partners, children and grandchildren.

Underwritten Products:

Your employees have the opportunity to purchase a variety of fully underwritten, voluntary life insurance products, and pay for them through the convenience of payroll deduction.

Funding Options:

  • Employer Paid - 100% of the premium is covered by the employer. These plans are often referred to as traditional “group” insurance, and are usually the most economical choice on a per-employee basis.
  • Contributory - Employers and employees share the cost of the premium. Because of a partial employer contribution, employees are more incentivized to opt into the benefits. Employee contributions are paid through convenient payroll deduction.
  • Voluntary - 100% of employee premium is paid by the employee through convenient payroll deduction.

One size doesn’t fits all.

Let us design a benefits package to match your company’s benefits strategy and budget.

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